Working from Home - Remote Interviewers

INVADE supports home working for both the cloud and on-premises server solutions.

We support 3 home & remote working solutions:

  1. INVADE Softphone

Our latest solution, INVADE Solution 6 (IS6) has a free built-in browser-based softphone, often referred to as WebRTC, replacing the need for expensive commercial softphones. For the INVADE browser-based softphone to work we will require TCP ports 443 and 8089 to be open.

2. Commercial Softphone

Many third-party softphones are available for commercial use, while INVADE does not recommend a particular brand, these can be installed on an interviewer’s device.

3. Direct Call (PSTN)

The INVADE Solution will make an outbound call to the agent’s home phone to establish the telephony connection, and all respondent calls will be switched in and out of a ‘conference’ style meeting room. The homeworker will not be subject to any call costs.

How can it work for you?

Using the INVADE Solution with home workers will still allow you to monitor, coach & barge.

You will be able to see the performance of the interviewer while not necessarily being able to see them physically.

While it is impossible to come up with a complete list of scenarios, we can address the main points. Whenever the interviewer’s infrastructure is not within the control of the company, it is difficult to implement a “one size fits all” solution.

The first step as always is to contact the INVADE Customer Service Desk who will be able to advise on the best approach for your INVADE Solution and location of potential home workers.

Home & remote worker considerations

  • Does the home worker have suitable internet access to connect to the CATI & Dialer?

  • Does the home worker have appropriate IT equipment such as a PC or Laptop?

  • Does the home worker have adequate security (such as virus protection) in place?

  • Does the home worker have a suitable noise-cancelling headset?

Technical considerations

Points to take into consideration so the INVADE Solution can work at its optimum: